North Carolina State Teams and All-Around Average Winners - Information

Two trapshooting teams exist within the NCTA.  The first is based on the traditional high all-around average method.  The second is based on a points system similar to that used by the ATA for the All American team.  These two teams are separate structures, which are intended to promote trapshooting and provide opportunities for shooters to be recognized for their shooting accomplishments.

High All-Around Average Leaders

High All-Around Average Leaders are determined from official ATA averages for the target year.  The High Average Team includes all categories; i.e., gentlemen, ladies, sub juniors, juniors, veterans and senior veterans.  To qualify for this recognition, resident shooters must meet minimum target requirements (shown below) and must shoot all championship events at the state shoot.

State Team

The NCTA State Team includes all categories; i.e., gentlemen, ladies, sub juniors, juniors, veterans and senior veterans.  Members of these teams are determined by a points system similar to that for the ATA All American Teams.  Points are awarded to shooters for wins and ties at North Carolina shoots throughout the target year.  To qualify for consideration for this recognition, resident shooters must only meet minimum target requirements, which are different from those, required for the High All-Around recognition.  There is no requirement to shoot all championship events at the state shoot.  Winners will be determined by totaling all points earned during the target year.

General requirements for both teams are as follows:


Requirements for The North Carolina State Teams and All-Around Average Winners

Effective starting with target year September 1, 2007 to October 31, 2008


Minimum target requirements for High All-Around Average Winners.
(Targets at all ATA registered shoots count, not just those registered in North Carolina.)

                                 Singles        Handicap          Doubles

            Gentlemen      2200             1800                1000

            Ladies            1000              500                  500

            Sub Juniors      500               500                    0

            Juniors            1000              500                  500

            Veterans         1000              500                  500

            Sr. Veterans   1000              500                  500


NCTA State Team Procedures and Requirements


The points system assigns points earned by NC residents participating at ATA registered shoots in NC.  Only NC residents are eligible to earn points and points will only be assigned at shoots held in NC.


Shooters earning points will be determined by the management of each NC shooting facility (Gun Club) upon completion of each ATA registered shoot.  The results will be reported to the Points System Administrator who will be appointed by the State Delegate at the beginning of each new target year.


To be eligible for the State Team, shooters must register a minimum number of targets during the year at ATA events.  Targets to satisfy the minimum requirement can be registered at any club in or out of NC and can be any combination of singles, handicap or doubles.  There is no minimum number of targets in any event.  The minimum total number of targets is:


            Men                                5,000

            Category                        2,000

            Sub Junior                      1,000


State Team points are awarded for events satisfying the ATA registration criteria; i.e., three or more shooters.  High Over All points are granted  in tournaments consisting of three or more events if the shoot program includes such an award. 


The events points awarded to shooters are  as follows:


            Event Champion (High Gun)                          6

            HOA (three or more events)                           6

            Classes, yardage groups and places                2

            Special Category Winners                               5


Points are based on a “standard” 100 target event.  Points for events of other than 100 targets are multiplied by the ratio of the number of event targets divided by 100 targets; e.g., the points for a 200 target singles or doubles event are multiplied by 2 while the points for a 50 target event are multiplied by 0.5.  Points for combined handicap events are awarded for each individual event in accordance with ATA requirements that winners and yardage adjustments be determined before the next handicap event.  HOA points are awarded when the tournament includes three or more “equivalent” events and the program includes such an award; e.g., a tournament consisting of 200 singles and 100 handicap targets qualifies for HOA points if the program includes a HOA winner.


Points are awarded to all shooters tying in an event; i.e., champion, class, yardage group or place (Class).  Therefore Gun Clubs do not have to settle points ties with shoot offs, flips or other means; points are awarded to all who tie regardless of the outcome of the tie resolution. 


Category shooters who tie for an event championship receive the champion points regardless of whether they choose to shoot off for the championship or to take the category award.  Category shooters who are eligible for Class and category awards receive the points  according to the trophy or trophy payout they select.


Points are multiplied by a competition factor that depends on the size of the shoot.  The competition factors are:


                Number of Event Entries            Competition Factor

                               3 to 19                                         1

                              20 to 74                                        2

                            75 or more                                      3


The points awarded at the shoot at the shoot are multiplied the event size and completion factors to determine total points earned in an event.


The number of team members is based on the number of shooters awarded points and shooting the minimum number of targets.  For Gentlemen the team will consist of five members with the highest number of points.  For category shooters there will be one state team member for each category, unless ten or more shooters in a given category earn the minimum number of points and shoot the minimum number of targets, then two shooters will be selected to the team.


Special Category shooters will be determined by the ATA rules, which use the shooters birth date to establish category.  Upon event entry special category shooters must state their category and shoot management must verify the category to assure winners are properly reported on the points form.


Gun Club Manager Report Information

Gun Club Managers must prepare a points earned report for each ATA registered Trap Shoot at their Club. A separate report (form) must be completed for each date if more then one event is held.


The Points report must include the following:

·         Date of shoot

·         Name of gun club

·         Name of reporter

·         Phone number and email address of reporter

·         Number of targets in each event

·         Number of entries in each event

·         For each event the winning shooters names and scores must be listed for:  Champion (High Gun), Class, Yardage Group or Place and each Special Category. 

·         If the tournament consists of three or more events and includes a HOA award, the name of the HOA winner should also be listed. 


Do not list out of state shooters.  If an out of state shooter wins an event trophy, use the next highest NC shooter in the Class on the points report.  For example, a non-NC resident wins High Gun in singles.  Determine the highest score shot by a NC resident in singles and use that shooters name on the report.  If that shooter was high in class then determine the next highest NC shooter in that class and enter their name on the report.


List the names of each category winner (Lady, Sub Jr., Jr. Vet., Sr. Vet.) even if no trophies are awarded by the gun club.  If a category shooter wins or ties for an event championship (high gun), list his or her name as the champion and select the next highest category shooter to receive points for that category.  If a category shooter wins or ties for a Class and is also high in their respective category, list his or her name according to the trophy selected by the shooter; e.g., Class winner or co-winner if the class trophy is selected, regardless of shoot off outcome if a tie is involved, or category winner if the category award is selected.  When a category winner elects to take a Class, the name of the category shooter with the next highest score should be listed as the category winner. 


Note that the fall-back rule normally associated with championship and Class points is inapplicable, as the event, class or yardage group points are awarded regardless of the shoot off outcome when a category shooter elects the non-category trophy.


Note also that the responsibility for selecting among Class or category wins is the responsibility of the shooter and must be communicated to the Gun Club according to their criteria (generally within 15 minutes of posting the final event scores).  Category awards are considered superior to Class awards, so that a shooter will be listed as a category winner unless shoot management is notified otherwise within the allocated time.


Determine and provide the HOA winner even if the tournament consists of three or more events and if the tournament includes such an award.


Submit the points report to the administrator within 15 days of the shoot.


League shoots will qualify for points when ATA requirements are met and at least 10 shooters participate.     


The system administrator will prepare periodic reports based on reports received and points earned by shooter (monthly or quarterly, depending on shooting activity).  A final report will be submitted to the Delegate 30 days after the end of the target year.  The Delegate will verify that the listed shooters shot the minimum number of targets and were NC residents.  The Delegate will recognize the ten state Team Members during the next state shoot.


The NCTA Board may modify these requirements prior to the start of any target year or as special circumstances arise. 

For questions, please contact the Points System Administrator, Tom Pitts at

updated 11/27/2011