Shoot Management - Questions and Answers

North Carolina State Team Points Reports


Q.  What happens when an out-of-state shooter wins?

A. When an out-of-state shooter wins any category, class, HOA,  etc. for which points are awarded, the highest NC shooter or shooters should be awarded the points.  If there are ties involved among NC shooters, those who are tied receive the points unless they are also eligible for a category award and elect to receive the alternate award.  Note that eligibility for points does not depend on the outcome of a tie resolution (shoot off, flip, off grounds before resolution, etc.); those who tie and opt for a particular award receive the corresponding points. 

Q.  Should class, yardage group, place or category points be determined and awarded even if there is normally no trophy or trophy payout given for certain classes (i.e. AA) or yardage groups at your shoots?

A.  No.  Only report those classes and yardage groups that you do have.

Q.  Should category points be determined and awarded even if there are normally no trophies or trophy payouts given for certain categories at your shoots?

A.  Yes, all category winners (lady, sub junior, junior, veteran, senior veteran) should be determined and reported.

Q.  What happens when a category shooter is qualified for class or category points?

A.  In this case, the category shooter must select if he or she wants the category or class award and points will be awarded accordingly.  If a category shooter is tied for and selects the class award, the category shooter receives the class points regardless of the outcome of the tie resolution; the normal fall-back rule is irrelevant.  Once the selection is made, the next highest NC shooter should be awarded the points for the non-selected category or class.  Alternately, the category shooter can select the category award if he or she is high in the respective category and receive the category points.  Note that only the points for the class or category selected by the shooter will be awarded; a category shooter who is qualified for class and category awards does not receive points for both.

Note that a category shooter who ties for an event championship receives the championship points (which are greater than the category points) regardless of  how the tie is resolved.  In this case, the next highest NC category shooter receives the category points.

Q.  What happens if an event consists of other than 100 targets?

A.  The points for an event consisting of other than 100 targets are multiplied by the ratio of the number of event targets divided by 100 targets; e.g., points are multiplied by 2 for a 200 target event or by 0.5 for a 50 target event.  The multiplier is applied to the points based on number of shooters who completed the entire event.  Points are awarded to the winners of the overall event and not on the sub-events.  Although not typically encountered, combined handicap events are an exception in which points are awarded for the individual events.   

Q.  Should HOA points be awarded even if there is normally no trophy or trophy payout given for HOA at your shoots?

A.  Possibly, team points follow the tournament trophies and should include a HOA winner if the tournament includes such an award but not if a HOA winner is not part of the program.  Note that an “award” at the state level is a recognition of a winner and not necessarily the distribution of a trophy or trophy payout (as some clubs are adopting target only programs to help reduce shooting costs).  The deciding factor is whether the shoot program lists HOA as one of the events.

Q.  Should HOA points be awarded even if there are not three events shot that day?

A.  One-Day Shoots - If there are three “equivalent”, 100 target events shot at a one-day shoot and the program includes HOA as an event, a HOA winner should be determined from the events shot; e.g. 100 each singles, handicap and doubles or 200 singles and 100 handicap or some combination of events that includes 300 or more targets.  If there is only one event at a one-day shoot with less than 300 targets, there would be no HOA winner.

Multiple-Day Shoots – HOA and HAA points are awarded in accordance to the trophy or trophy payout for the multi-day tournament to the NC shooter or shooters with the highest totals.

Q.  Should all ties be included with the report?

A.  Yes, all ties by class/category/yardage group etc. should be included with the points report. This is very important since all persons who are tied with high scores for a category, class, yardage group etc. will each receive the points for that event.

Q.  What happens if there is a situation that has not been covered in the points guidelines?

A.  Shoot management should use existing ATA rules as a guideline and select points winners in a manner that seems fair and reasonable.  If there are unusual circumstances involved, please note the circumstances and how winners were determined on the points report.